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The Football Tribes Weekly Round Up – June 2015

Hello once again and welcome to the Football tribes weekly round up, where we take a look at some of the most popular polls dividing opinion over at FT HQ.

Without further delay, let’s get into three of the most popular polls this week.

1. Would the Bayern Munich fans like to see Sterling at Bayern?

With rumours rife that Liverpool player Raheem Sterling was set for transfer to Bayern Munich, Ant posed the question that nobody seemed to be asking the actual fans. Would they actually want him to play for them?

bayern 1 football tribes

Opinion was split down the middle with %0% saying they definitely want to see the Liverpool star throw on a Bayern Munich jersey, with the other 50% firmly against the move. Only time will tell as to whether the young player will make the move to German soil, but one thing is for certain – the fans aren’t unanimous in their decision to take him on.

2. Best striker or CF in the world right now?

Luke from the Manchester United tribe asked who the fans thought was the best striker or centre forward in the world right now, and there were 2 clear favourites.

MU 2 football tribes

Ibrahimovic gained only 38% and was beaten to the title by Suarez who came in first with 56% of the votes. Interestingly; Aguero garnered a 6% vote whilst Costa and Tevez failed to rank.

3. How much should Bayern offer for Hazard?

It would seem the Bayern Munich fans were out in full force this week as some of the most popular polls were held in their tribe. Bjorn asked how much the fans thought Bayern should offer for Hazard, and the results were extremely divided.

bayern 3 football tribes

A majority vote of 40% went to the £80m price tag, whilst some other fans felt the player wasn’t worth it. A mere 5% said they would pay £100m, whilst 25% opted for a cool £70m. Interestingly enough, 10 said that he was too expensive whilst others felt his current team CFC wouldn’t let him go.

That’s all for this week, thanks once again for creating the hard hitting questions – keep em coming!

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