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The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly As FIFA Officials Are Arrested In Switzerland – Opinion Divided

The beautiful game turned ugly on Wednesday May 27th2015 when seven high ranking FIFA officials were arrested in Switzerland over allegations that they had been involved in a racketeering scheme worth bribes of more than $150m (£96m).

The operation worthy of a “Godfather” like movie adaptation was years in the making. As previously reported by The Guardian, the FBI’s ace in the hole was the heavily leaned-on witness and FIFA official Chuck Blazer. After staring down the barrel of 20 years if he failed to cooperate, he would eventually succumb to the persuasive nature of the law and help tackle what US attorney general Loretta Lynch called international football’s “rampant, systemic and deep-rooted” corruption racket.

The raid which involved 12 plainclothes policemen storming the five-star Bauer au Lac hotel in Zurich concluded with a press conference in Brooklyn at which the director of the FBI and the US attorney general accused senior FIFA executives of presiding over a “World Cup of fraud”. The governing body’s widely speculated and often ignored fraudulent reign could soon be at an end, but we very much doubt the football puns are.

Football Tribe fans sprang into action almost instantly, starting a new poll on the subject posing the question as to whether the corruption charges were fair or not. The feeling in the Football Tribes camp was not as clear cut as some would expect with 60% stating that the charges were fair and 40% stating that they didn’t know enough to make an opinion.

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As news on the inquiry continues, football fans are speculating all over the world as to the future of FIFA and indeed their most controversial figurehead Sepp Blatter. With hundreds of members signing up since Football Tribes first launched, we’re confident you’ll have something interesting to say as more news breaks. Why not join in on the conversation or start your own poll now?

Do you believe FIFA officials could be innocent of any wrongdoing or should they face a penalty?

Last pun… seriously.

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