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The Anglo-Welsh rivalry and Euro 2016: What do FT users think?

England and Wales. A footballing rivalry separated for a long time by contrasting footballing fortunes. While England are used to mixing it with the world’s elite, Wales’ foray to France is their first to an international tournament since 1958. With England and Wales facing each other in Thursday’s Euro 2016 Group B crunch match, Football Tribes has decided to examine YOUR opinions from the past 9 months.


It was of course only 9 months ago that Wales found themselves above England in the FIFA World Rankings. Despite only 33% of pollsters agreeing with the ranking, and the other 67% disagreeing, an enormous 40% of you believed that Wales could win Euro 2016. To put this into context, 55% of you thought that England could win Euro 2016 around this time.


More recently however, as Euro 2016 began to loom larger, a dose of realism seemed to have set in. Fewer polls debating whether Wales could win the competition appeared, with focus shifting onto the more realistic matter of whether Wales would reach the knockout stages of the tournament.


This does not necessarily represent pessimism on behalf of Welsh supporters though. In March, only 22% of you believed that England could win Euro 2016 (a significant decrease of 35% since September). By April and May, this had fallen slightly to 20%. As the tournament has loomed larger in the horizon, there seems to be a more general trend of Football Tribes users perhaps answering polls with greater rationality and realism.


What about head-to-head? Unsurprisingly, the long-term trend has shown greater confidence in England’s chances. Back in November, over half of Football Tribes users (57%) saw England progressing the furthest of all the home nations (and the Republic of Ireland). More recently, in April and May, this has increased to 75% and 60% in two separate polls.


Of course, these polls also took into account both the Republic and Northern Ireland. When asked to directly assess Wales’ chances of finishing above England in Group B, only 10% of responses said this was possible. In fact, only two weeks before the tournament kicked off, Football Tribes found that in two separate polls, 34% and 49% of you believed that Wales wouldn’t even make it out of the group, let alone finish above England.


On the other hand, a poll only last week showed that as little as 12% of users believed that England would fail to progress from Group B. This same poll also showed that a whopping 55% of users thought that England would bow out of the tournament at the quarter final stage, and an impressive 23% thought that England could even reach the semis. Furthermore, when asked who was the most likely ‘dark horse’ to emulate Greece’s 2004 success, 38% of users chose England, along with Croatia – more than Portugal, Sweden and Turkey combined.


Given the very different expectations surrounding the two sides, it would therefore be logical to assume that England would be seen as heavy favourites for Thursday’s clash in Lens. Indeed, two polls on the eve of the tournament showed exactly this: 54% of users thought England would win, 19% favoured the draw, and only 27% thought that Wales could beat England.


However, England’s failure to beat Russia (arguably the worst team at Euro 2016 following their disappointing defeat against Slovakia), coupled with Wales’ victory against Slovakia, seems to have altered your opinions somewhat. Only yesterday, there was little to choose between the two sides’ chances according to you, with Wales being backed to beat England by an impressive 45% of users.


So where does that leave us now, on the eve of these two nations’ most significant meeting in recent memory? England are, perhaps unsurprisingly, still perceived by most as more likely to progress further into Euro 2016. The Anglo-Welsh head-to-head, however, seems to have shifted a bit closer to parity following the opening round of matches, something many would have considered unthinkable when England won in Germany in March.


Whatever the result, Thursday will be one of the most intriguing match-ups of the tournament between two rivals with very different trajectories in public opinion. It will be fascinating to see how the result further alters the views of Football Tribes users.

The Football Tribes Weekly Round Up – June 2015

Hello once again and welcome to the Football tribes weekly round up, where we take a look at some of the most popular polls dividing opinion over at FT HQ.

Without further delay, let’s get into three of the most popular polls this week.

1. Would the Bayern Munich fans like to see Sterling at Bayern?

With rumours rife that Liverpool player Raheem Sterling was set for transfer to Bayern Munich, Ant posed the question that nobody seemed to be asking the actual fans. Would they actually want him to play for them?

bayern 1 football tribes

Opinion was split down the middle with %0% saying they definitely want to see the Liverpool star throw on a Bayern Munich jersey, with the other 50% firmly against the move. Only time will tell as to whether the young player will make the move to German soil, but one thing is for certain – the fans aren’t unanimous in their decision to take him on.

2. Best striker or CF in the world right now?

Luke from the Manchester United tribe asked who the fans thought was the best striker or centre forward in the world right now, and there were 2 clear favourites.

MU 2 football tribes

Ibrahimovic gained only 38% and was beaten to the title by Suarez who came in first with 56% of the votes. Interestingly; Aguero garnered a 6% vote whilst Costa and Tevez failed to rank.

3. How much should Bayern offer for Hazard?

It would seem the Bayern Munich fans were out in full force this week as some of the most popular polls were held in their tribe. Bjorn asked how much the fans thought Bayern should offer for Hazard, and the results were extremely divided.

bayern 3 football tribes

A majority vote of 40% went to the £80m price tag, whilst some other fans felt the player wasn’t worth it. A mere 5% said they would pay £100m, whilst 25% opted for a cool £70m. Interestingly enough, 10 said that he was too expensive whilst others felt his current team CFC wouldn’t let him go.

That’s all for this week, thanks once again for creating the hard hitting questions – keep em coming!

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The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly As FIFA Officials Are Arrested In Switzerland – Opinion Divided

The beautiful game turned ugly on Wednesday May 27th2015 when seven high ranking FIFA officials were arrested in Switzerland over allegations that they had been involved in a racketeering scheme worth bribes of more than $150m (£96m).

The operation worthy of a “Godfather” like movie adaptation was years in the making. As previously reported by The Guardian, the FBI’s ace in the hole was the heavily leaned-on witness and FIFA official Chuck Blazer. After staring down the barrel of 20 years if he failed to cooperate, he would eventually succumb to the persuasive nature of the law and help tackle what US attorney general Loretta Lynch called international football’s “rampant, systemic and deep-rooted” corruption racket.

The raid which involved 12 plainclothes policemen storming the five-star Bauer au Lac hotel in Zurich concluded with a press conference in Brooklyn at which the director of the FBI and the US attorney general accused senior FIFA executives of presiding over a “World Cup of fraud”. The governing body’s widely speculated and often ignored fraudulent reign could soon be at an end, but we very much doubt the football puns are.

Football Tribe fans sprang into action almost instantly, starting a new poll on the subject posing the question as to whether the corruption charges were fair or not. The feeling in the Football Tribes camp was not as clear cut as some would expect with 60% stating that the charges were fair and 40% stating that they didn’t know enough to make an opinion.

fifa Football tribes

As news on the inquiry continues, football fans are speculating all over the world as to the future of FIFA and indeed their most controversial figurehead Sepp Blatter. With hundreds of members signing up since Football Tribes first launched, we’re confident you’ll have something interesting to say as more news breaks. Why not join in on the conversation or start your own poll now?

Do you believe FIFA officials could be innocent of any wrongdoing or should they face a penalty?

Last pun… seriously.

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Final games of the BPL season: FT round up!

The Football Tribes blog not only aims to provide you guys with best polls and discussions from from the app – but also a brief summary of current football news. After all, this is a community, and we’re all striving to stay up to date with the latest rumours, results and analysis. Generous eh? We know…

However, more importantly, we want your insight and opinions on what’s happening in the football world so leave a comment, or take the discussion to the Football Tribes app and use your polls to generate the discourse!

This weekend undoubtedly saw tears shed from all football fans – whether you’re a Liverpool fan attempting to come to terms with Stevie G’s departure or a Hull City fan on the brink of breakdown following their relegation yesterday. Or perhaps it may just be, like us, that you shed a tear at the realisation that there will be no Premier League football at the weekend for some time.

So, what were the standout results in the BPL 2014/15 season’s final matches?

As already touched upon (sorry!) a draw for Hull City with Manchester United at the KC Stadium meant that Steve Bruce’s men met a similar peril to QPR and Burnley who were both also relegated this season. So Hull fans – Bruce in or out? Will you be coming back stronger to the BPL next season? Create some polls in the Hull tribe – we would love to hear your views!

It was somewhat more of a joyful occasion yesterday for the Newcastle United faithful, who’s 2-0 win at St. James’ Park against West Ham guaranteed their survival in the BPL after a dismal season. Adding to the elation was the fairytale ending which saw Jonas Gutierrez score their second goal guaranteeing three points. Some achievement for a man who is only recently playing again following a testicular cancer diagnosis. One question still resides for the Toon Army – is Carver the man to lead you next season? As always, get polling and let us know what you think!

The top end of the table as we all know was already decided, with Chelsea taking this season’s title with a tally of 87 points followed by Manchester City with 79. Arsenal’s 4-1 win at home to West Brom saw the North-London side seal a third place finish in the league and the final Champions League spot fell of course to Manchester United.

It certainly looks as though the top four will be fiercely contested next season – but who’s going to edge it? Which players need to be brought in to which teams over the summer to build title winning sides? Arsenal fans have been voting to say that they need some transfers if they are to win the title next season:


It was also a sad day for the Anfield faithful in two respects – Gerrard’s last appearance in a Liverpool shirt, and also a 6-1 away loss against Stoke. Does this mean the end of the road for Brendan Rogers? You guys have been polling and it appears the door could be looming for the Scot! It has also been looking as though there could be some desire for Klopp to come to the Kop in place of Rogers!


So, there’s some of the standout results from the weekend which gave us an exciting climax to a great season. Also, it’s not all doom and gloom – some top quality football will shortly be upon us. Arsenal meet Aston Villa for the FA Cup final on Saturday may 30th and Barcelona clash with Juventus for Champions League glory on June 6th and we shall be on the lookout for your views and predictions prior to the big games!

Finally – another brief thank you to everyone that has downloaded the app and created some discussion! The community is growing – and we’re pleased you’re a part of it.


Football Tribes Top Polls Weekly Round Up

Hello and welcome to the Football Tribes app weekly round up, where we discuss some of the top polls and opinions that you guys have been commenting on. But first – a thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to Football Tribes this week and created a poll, it’s been a stellar week full of exciting commentary, some great hard hitting questions and of course some VERY divided opinions, proving that football fans really are the most passionate (and opinionated) in the world. So without further delay – here’s some of the top polls this week.

1. Most important position to be improved over the summer – Bayern Munich

One of the biggest responses, and one of the most divided opinions was found in the Bayern Munich tribe, where Philipp asked the burning question – What is the most important position to be improved over the summer.

Bayern Football Tribes



Opinion was heavily divided on this poll, with fans stating that an improvement to RB, Winger and CM were not as important as an improvement to the CB (Centre Fullback) position. It seems the fans are not impressed with Dante’s performance this season and are calling for a change. How do you feel about the team this season? Have your say today.

2. Who should Arsenal release in the summer?

Arsenal is proving to be one of the most popular teams in the Football Tribes app, with members from all over the world getting in on the conversation.

Arsenal Football tribes

Andrew asked – Who should Arsenal release in the summer, and the fans’ opinion was read loud and clear with Arteta facing 40% of the poll. The fans really felt that Mikel Arteta had to go over the likes of Theo Walcott, Mesut Ozil, Olivier Giroud and Per Mertesacker (BFG). Do you think Arsenal need to release Arteta? Or should he be allowed to stay?

3. Gerrard’s best goal ever.

It’s only fitting that Steven Gerrard would make it into one of the top polls this week, given the fact the Liverpool player, who has received somewhat legendary status is now moving on from 17 years at Anfield for pastures anew in America. With this in mind, fans no doubt were feeling sentimental with Ant asking which goal from the striker was a fan favourite.

Liverpool Football tribes

It would seem Gerrard’s goal at Olympiakos in 2004 would reign supreme as the most noteworthy, perhaps surprisingly more so than that infamous performance in Istanbul. Have your say today on Football Tribes.

So that’s it for this week, but stay tuned for the weekly round up where we discuss the top polls as created by you – the fans.

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Today is the launch date of Football Tribes (!

This is a new app we’ve developed with the greatest team in history! It’s essentially a social polling app for football fans where you can create and answer football related questions and be part of a community!

This has been a long arduous project but we are pleased to bring to you a product that is fun, intuitive and informative. If you could download Football Tribes in the App Store today, give us a rating and a review that would be outstanding.

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